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Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the Town of Swepsonville: Town Council Meeting April 21, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

The Town Council remembered the passing of Jerry Cox.

All Council Members were present for the Town Meeting. The minutes for the meeting March 17th 2015 were reviewed. Darrell Newton made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Hugh Doss seconded the motion. The minutes for the meeting March 17th 2014 were unanimously approved.

Ray Lopez, owner and developer of Autumn Trace Subdivision, addressed the Town Council asking for a wavier to change the Town's Subdivision Ordinance. Mr. Lopez  asked the Town Council for 70 foot road front instead of 80 foot road front that is in the Town's Ordinance. The original site plans were approved in 2006 for Ned Pierce.  Mr. Lopez is following those site plans and wants to build on 70 foot lots. Darrell Newton made a motion to approve the site plans with 70 foot road front. Hugh Doss  seconded the motion. The vote passed unanimously. Mayor Herring explained the steps that the site plans have to go thru to be approved, first- the plans are reviewed by  the County Planner, Second- they are reviewed by the planning board, third- they go through technical review, fourth- they are approved by the County Commissioners  and then the final approval is by the Swepsonville Town Council. Mayor Herring informed the Town Council that there are two dead end water lines in Briarfield that is  located in Autumn Trace. Mr. Lopez is paying for the two dead ends to be connected and this includes all fees. When work is complete the water lines will loop. Gail Miller  gave the Town Council an update on the Graham Park plans that will be located on Jim Minor Road. Gail Miller and Mayor Herring met with Melody Wiggins, Graham's Recreation Director and Frankie Maness, Graham's Town Manager 4/21/2015 to discuss how much money is needed from the Town of Swepsonville. The City of Graham  received a grant to help with this project. They informed Gail and Mayor Herring that Phrase I includes clearing of the land, a walking track and open play areas. They are  asking the Town of Swepsonville with our population for a 8%  donation of $40,000.00. Gail told the Town Council this is for Phrase I. The rest of the park will be built as  funds are available. Town Council noted at this time due to the uncertainty of the sales tax and the Town of Swepsonville has no property tax, we are not wanting to  participate at this time. Mayor Herring asked the Town Council what they wanted to do with the property behind 1227 East Main Street, that the Town owes. Paul Koonts,  Town's Attorney, said we can do one of two things: we can do nothing with the property, leave it the way it is or sell the property at public auction. Mr. Fuentis owns his  home and property at 1227 East Main Street and has for 17 years. He thought he owned the property. David Squires owns property at 1245 East Man Street and also owns property that adjoins the piece of property. Both parties are interested in owning the property. Hugh Doss made a motion to leave the property as is, and let the two land owners use it. Mayor Herring seconded the motion. There was a 3 to 2 vote. Bobby Massey, Town's CPA, reviewed the 2014-2015  audit. Bobby told the Town Council that the Town finances are in good shape. Mayor Herring asked Bobby to have the 2015- 2016 Budget Draft ready for the May 19th 2015 town meeting.

There was no public time comments.

Hugh Doss made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Doug Scott seconded the motion. The meeting was unanimously adjourned.