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Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the Town of Swepsonville: Town Council Meeting November 18, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All Council members were present for the Town Meeting with the exception of Hugh Doss.

The Town Council remembered the passing of Harold McCann, Mervin Coble, Theo Shelton, and Charles Bateman. They were all long time residents of Swepsonville.
The minutes for the meeting October 21st, 2014 were reviewed. Darrell Newton made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Gail Miller seconded the motion. The minutes for the meeting October 21st, were unanimously approved.

CL Stout of Funny Farm Drive addressed the Town Council with a issue about the City of Graham having a shooting range on City of Graham’s property. Mr. Stout asked if the Swepsonville Town Council would write a letter asking them to stop shooting at the shooting range. He also explained thee he had heard from people all over that the shooting was too loud. Paul Koonts, the Town Attorney cold Cl Stout that they were on their own land and we couldn’t write a letter because we would be stepping out of our bounds. Paul told CL to go to Alamance County and let them know about it. CL also had another issue about kids on their grandfather’s property shooting at targets. He said that it is a safety issue, because they are shooting toward his property and his surrounding families property. Mayor Herring told the the property they are talking about is not in the Town Of Swepsonville. The Town of Swepsonville doesn’t have zoning. The Swepsonville Town Council advised Mr. Stout if there was anymore issues to call the Alamance County Sheriff Department.

Mayor Herring updated the Town Council on some information for the Town. The water line was put in at Hillside Drive and Gemstone Court. Council Member Doug Scott asked the Mayor how was the water quality now that the lines are in place. Mayor Herring stated, “It is good.” Mayor Herring also told the Town Council that the water line project located at Greystone over to Country Club Trail has been put on hold for now. Mayor Herring informed the Town Council that him and Franz Holt with AWCK was putting together a plan to clean the lines out with ice cubes. Mayor Herring and Franz are putting together a plan to see how much this is gonna cost for the project. Mayor Herring and AWCK went out and located water valves to be GIS on a map. The Swepsonville Fire Department wants a copy of the map for the fire department.
The Quarry Hill Golf Course will be auctioned off on December 12, 2014 if not sold before. Iron Horse Auction company will do the auction. There has been a few developers that has came by the Town Hall and talked to the Mayor about the development.

There was no public time comments.

Gail Miller mad a motion to adjourn the meeting. Doug Scott seconded the motion. The meeting was unanimously adjourned.

Town of Swepsonville Minutes recorded November 19th, 2014by Angela Walker Town Clerk.