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Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the Town of Swepsonville

Town Council Meeting November 15, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All Town Council was present for the meeting.

The Town Council remembered the passing of Gordon McVey. Mr. McVey developed the Woodside Subdivision.

The minutes for the meeting October 18, 2016 were reviewed. Darrell Newton made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Hugh Doss seconded the motion. The minutes for the meeting October 18, 2016 were unanimously approved.

Mayor Herring introduced Guil Johnson, the Alamance County Trails Coordinator and Brain Baker, the Parks & Recreation Director to the Town Council. Guil Johnson asked the Town Council if they would be interested in giving the Swepsonville River Park to the Alamance County Recreation Department. Brian Baker explained to the Town Council that if the Town gave them the Swepsonville River Park that it would be ran like all others parks in the county. It would be gate locked and have opens of operation, 8am to 5pm. The Recreation Department would maintain the park and someone would come to the park 3 times a day. He also said that if they allowed camping it would be by reservations only and they would have a 3 day limit. Darrell Newton made a motion to give the Swepsonville River Park to the Alamance County Recreation Department. Hugh Doss seconded the motion. The vote passed unanimously. Mayor Herring told the Town Council that he had already spoke to Paul Koonts, the Town Attorney and if the Town Council approved it, then wanted it to change hands at the December Town Council Meeting. 

Mayor Herring told the Town Council that he don't have any new information on the Golf Course Property. Gail Miller stated that she went to Apex to meet with Eric Rifkin, Project Manager with the Halle Group. She went to look at the subdivsion that they placed in Apex. Gail Miller told the Town Council that the Halle Group don't have any plans on paper for the Golf Course.

Mayor Herring addressed the Town Council about the water issues on West Main Street. He asked Engineer Franz Holt with AWCK to draw up 750 ft of water lines to be replaced. Mayor Herring also told the Town Council that he has placed a auto flusher on the fire hydrant. The flusher will come on automatic every other day and flush the lines.

There was no public time comments.

Hugh Doss made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Gail Miller seconded the motion. The meeting was unanimously adjourned.

Angela Walker

Town of Swepsonville Minutes recorded November 18, 2016 by Angela Walker Town Clerk. **Minutes to be approved at the next Town Council Meeting December 20, 2016**