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Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the Town of Swepsonville

Town Council Meeting March 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All council members were present for the meeting with the exception of council member Darrell Newton.

Paul Koonts, town attorney and Will Boney with Massey CPA were also present for the meeting.

The minutes for the meeting February 21, 2017 were reviewed.

Hugh Doss made a motion to accept the minutes as written.

Doug Scott seconded the motion. The minutes for the meeting

February 21, 2017 were unanimously approved.

The town council remembered the passing of Mr. W. E. Pass, a longtime resident and respected member of the community.

Mayor Herring reported that the W. Main St. water line project is now complete. There were no over runs. There were some rock issues that required the road to be cut. Asphalt patching and grading of yards to take place this week.

Mayor Herring reported that meter change outs are complete as of 03/15/17 There are 1,022 meters.

85 homes have been added between 12/1/16 and 03/01/17.

116 new homes sites have been approved. This will generate $301,832.00 in access fees.

The last lot at Laurelton has been sold and a home is being built. Only three houses have not been sold in the development. There is a total of 88 homes including houses and town homes.

The town will not ask for a rate increase for the upcoming budget.

Paul Koonts town attorney gave copies of the last invoice from

Cobb, Ezekiel & Loy, PA to the council members. He stated that there were no negative comments on the audit, only concern is internal controls. Adjustments were discussed.

Will Boney suggested that each type of adjustment be coded. Paul Koonts suggested working on noting key reasons for adjustments and coding them before the next meeting. Developing charts or graphs to show the average monthly billing & receipts and monthly comparison of water/sewer was also discussed.

Will Boney suggested that the town consider a central collections system that would link the cash register to the billing system. He will get a quote on this system. He also suggested updating the town's QuickBooks (2010) software.

Paul Koonts reported on a motion to sell a 4.69 acre parcel (former parking lot and tennis courts) at Quarry Hills owned by the Halle group to Quandry Lake Lp. A hearing is set for 4/18/2017 at 9:30 a.m. .

Paul Koonts inquired if the job descriptions for town clerk and utility billing assistant positions had been posted in the newspaper and posted in the town hall. He also stated that the positions should be listed on the town's website. The Mayor responded that the ads are in place to be printed in the newspaper and the job descriptions have been posted in the town hall.

Gail Miller suggested putting a written procedure into place. She requested

reports on billing, collections, and adjustments by the next meeting. She also discussed getting figures for

      1. Accountant bill

      2. Legal fees

      3. Will Boney (Massey CPA) training

      4. Ben York (Village of Alamance) training

Mayor Herring mentioned the topic of a Sheriff's substation for the town.

Mayor Herring stated this was the last time the council would hold a meeting at the fire department. The meeting room will be turned into living quarters. Gail Miller noted that she had talked with the Methodist church about possibly meeting there. The Mayor mentioned the old post office location.

Hugh Doss made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Gail Miller.

The meeting was unanimously adjourned.