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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville
April 18, 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All council members with the exception of Hugh Doss and Darrell Newton were present for the meeting. Paul Koonts, town attorney; Franz Holt of Alley, Williams, Carmen & King INC.; Will Boney from Bobby Massey CPA; Robert Gumm; and Pastor Christi Dye of Swepsonville United Methodist Church were also present for the meeting.

The minutes for the March 21, 2017 meeting were reviewed. Gail Miller made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Doug Scott. The minutes for the March 21, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved.

Will Boney and Robert Gumm presented a water & sewer billing system analysis chart for period July 2016-June 2017. The council stated that they would like more detail on discrepancies, but agreed that this was a good start on the reports.

Paul Koonts would like for the town to look into writing off old accounts. Mayor Herring asked Paul Koonts about the legality of cut off procedures. He will impart the information to the Mayor once researched.

Gail Miller would like a written policy in place on the billing cycle as a whole, detailing information on meter reading, billing, adjustments, notices, and cut offs.

Mayor Herring reported that the West Main St. water project came in under bid by $772.80 for a total of $55,227.20. The project was completed solving the issues of bad smelling and yellow water.

Gail Miller and Doug Scott asked what section(s) would need to be replaced next. Mayor Herring stated that to his knowledge there are no more cast iron lines left that need replacing.

Franz Holt has asked for a proposal from Hydrostructures for sewer testing and is waiting to hear back from them. A map of the town's sewer has been sent to them along with information obtained from Mayor Herring on the most susceptible lines. Work will likely take place during the winter months.

The Mayor reported on a electrical fire that occurred at the Laurelton pump station on Sunday April 9th. A transfer switch is on order for the repair.

Mayor Herring suggested that the discussion of a future community center be postponed until the other council members are present. Pastor Christi Dye of Swepsonville United Methodist Church stated that she is very interested in being involved.

The topic of a Sheriff's sub station was approached again, with Mayor Herring clarifying that he initiated discussion with someone from the Sheriff's department approximately one year ago. Gail Miller would like to know if a sub station would increase patrol and deputies' presence in the town.

Gail Miller asked if the town received an invoice from Ben York for training. Mayor Herring responded that we did not.

Mayor Herring reported that a new home has been built on Country Club Trail, the site of an automatic flusher device/blow off meter.

There are no new budget items for the water/sewer system.

Mayor Herring reported that we received a good review on water quality from the state inspector in February and an excellent review in March on the wastewater/sewer system. Noting that our site is being used for training.

Will Boney presented a copy of the audit from Bobby Massey CPA and stated that Mr. Massey will be present for the next meeting in May for a formal presentation.

Gail Miller reported that she contacted Eric Ripken of the Halle Group concerning the overgrowth and need for mowing at the old golf course property. She also stated that she was told they have posted no trespassing signs and have not yet chosen a builder.

Mayor Herring announced that the council would go into closed session.
Gail Miller made a motion to do so, seconded by Doug Scott. The meeting then went into closed session.

During the closed session the council voted to invest $200,000.00 into two American Express CDs ($100,00.00 each) handled by Paul Burns financial advisor with Edward Jones in Graham, NC.

Town of Swepsonville Minutes recorded April 18, 2017 by Amy Albright.