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Town of Swepsonville

May 16, 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All council members with the exception of Hugh Doss were present for the meeting.

Paul Koonts, town attorney; Bobby Massey and Will Boney with Bobby Massey CPA; Chuck Edwards with NCDOT; and approximately eighty to one hundred residents of the town were also present for the meeting.

The minutes for the April 18, 2017 meeting were reviewed. Darrell Newton made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Doug Scott. The minutes for the April 18, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved.

Several town residents spoke about concerns relating to the old Quarry Hills Golf Course property that is owned by The Halle Group. The residents expressed concerns over the possibility of The Halle Group adding some three hundred new homes. Mayor Raymond Herring stated that the town has NOT received any information or plans from The Halle Group. If and when plans are received they would have to be discussed and approved by the Town Council at that time during a Town Council Meeting which is open to the public.

Chuck Edwards District Engineer with The North Carolina Department of Transportation for Alamance county was present to answer questions.

Many questions were asked about traffic concerns related to possible future plans within the Quarry Hills area. Mr Edwards reiterated that NO land proposal from the developer has been received. He stated that according to a traffic study conducted in 2015, 1,600 vehicles per day (both ways) travel George Bason Rd. and 15,000 cars per day travel NCHWY 54. According to the DOT, these numbers are both considered to be moderate traffic and fall short of maximum capacity. There are no current plans for a traffic light on George Bason Rd/HWY 54 due to lack of a number of warrants being met under national guidelines. Residents also expressed concerns about speed limits. Mr. Edwards stated that speed limits are established by the DOT and enforced by the Highway Patrol and Sheriff's Department. He also responded to an inquiry about speed bumps. He stated that they are a possibility, but impact on Fire & EMS, and the school system would all have to be taken into consideration. He also stated that the cost and maintenance would be the responsibility of the property owners. Mr. Edwards said that the DOT would conduct a speed study and report back to the town in approximately one and one-half to two months. Property owners also expressed concerns about parking on Quandry Lake Lane. Mr. Edwards stated that there should be careful consideration taken before restricting parking as to not hinder the residents themselves and said that he would want more input from residents.

Several residents expressed concerns about overgrowth of vegetation and nuisance wild life existing on the old golf course property. Paul Koonts, town attorney responded by saying that the town has never enforced the town's nuisance ordinance on open acreage and that any action taken would require the vote of the Town Council. The Fire chief for the town was present and stated that the overgrowth did not pose a fire hazard.

Council member Gail Miller made a motion to have Paul Koonts, town attorney contact The Halle Group concerning the nuisance ordinance. The motion was not seconded. There was no further discussion of the topic for this meeting.

Bobby Massey presented the audit for last year. He noted the key issues being internal controls and limited personnel which are both currently being addressed.

Writing off old accounts was discussed. Paul Koonts stated that we would work on this before next month. Major expenditures for last year were for maintenance and repairs of the water and sewer system.

Mayor Herring reported that the town is need of a new sewer machine.

Animal control was discussed, with Mayor Herring stating that he is still waiting on a contractual agreement from the city of Burlington.

The topic of accepting credit cards for water & sewer payment was discussed.

Bobby Massey presented the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year budget draft. After discussion, the council decided to hold a special meeting to further discuss the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year proposed budget on May 31, 2017 at 7pm.

The council upon motion duly made by Gail Miller and seconded by Doug Scott voted to enter into closed session to discuss personnel matters.

The meeting then returned to open session.

Motion to hire Robert Gumm as Town Clerk made by Gail Miller, seconded by Doug Scott. Motion passed 3-0; Darrell Newton abstained.

Motion to hire Amy Albright as Utility Billing Clerk made by Gail Miller, seconded by Doug Scott. Motion passed 4-0.

The Meeting then Adjourned.

Town of Swepsonville Minutes recorded May 16, 2017 by Amy Albright.