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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville

June 20, 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All council members were present for the meeting. Paul Koonts, town attorney; Bobby Massey and Will Boney with Bobby Massey CPA were also present for the meeting.

Bobby Massey reviewed the budget for the upcoming 2017-2018 fiscal year. He noted the major changes in the budget were: Increased amount of access fees; increase of 5% for the town manager; room for 3% increase for staff; increase cost of software for accounts receivable. He stated that we do have a balanced budget.

Motion to hold a public hearing was made by Hugh Doss and seconded by Doug Scott. There were no questions from the public on the proposed budget. A motion to close the public hearing was made by Darrell Newton and seconded by Hugh Doss. Motion passed 5-0.

A motion to adopt the budget ordinance for 2017-2018 was made by Doug Scott and seconded by Gail Miller. Motion passed 5-0.

The annexation agreement with the City of Graham was discussed. This agreement covers two parts, with the original 1997 agreement running out on August 26, 2017. That agreement would not let the Town of Swepsonville annex anything on the N.E. side of NC Hwy 54. It was stated that Laurelton Subdivision is in the town’s corporate city limits. It was also discussed that the area to the right side of Jim Minor Rd. (traveling from Hwy 54) to NC Hwy 119 could be our growth area. Mayor Raymond Herring motioned to table it until the July Town Meeting for further discussion. Hugh Doss seconded the Motion. Motion passed 4-1, Gail Miller opposed.

Systems for accepting credit card payments were discussed. Will Boney and Robert Gumm presented their thoughts on the viability of a Qs/1 credit card and centralized collections software program. This program would work well with our present software. Gail Miller made the motion to accept the purchase of Qs/1 and was seconded by Darrell Newton. Motion passed 5-0.

A speed reduction on Quandry Lake Lane and Crescent Drive were discussed. After talking with a traffic engineer with NC D.O.T., the town must pass a city ordinance to reduce this speed limit. The main problem with any speed reduction or no parking signs would be the ability for the town to enforce them. The council decided to take the recommendation of the D.O.T. and take no action on this matter.

All town insurance policies were reviewed. R.G. Sanders handles the bonding of town employees up to $30,000. We will stay with Business Insurers for main policies. Our Public Officials Policy was discussed. The town has a $2,500 deductible. The major reason for lawsuits are by employees and zoning. Swepsonville does not have zoning. It was mentioned that the





town only is covered and not individual council members. Paul Koonts will review and report back to the council. Mayor Herring reported that all insurance is updated and covered.

The Virginia Mills property was discussed. Gail Miller has touched base with Kelly Johnson and was told that it is being reviewed and what the process is to move forward. We need to revise the study and provide what type of use the land will be used for. This will determine the level of testing. Mr. Johnson is willing to come look at the property and talk to the council. No results or reports have been produced for the town’s $2,500. The discussion was tabled until the June meeting for more discussion.

Joining the League of municipalities for health insurance plans was discussed. We did not hear back from them after the meeting with Raymond Herring and Doug Scott. It was mentioned that we can contact consulting groups for insurance, or get quotes for group insurance directly from companies. The town should touch base with L.O.M. and find out where we stand. Paul Koonts will forward information on Banyon consulting (out of Greensboro).

Gail Miller brought up the flooding next to back yard of Mr. Littlefield. It was stated that these problems stem from troubles on the golf course, which is private property and not in our jurisdiction.

Reservations for the town ball field were brought up. The development of a procedure/form for use requests must be designed. The town only provides the space for gatherings, not security, trash pickup, etc.

Bobby Massey reviewed budget amendments for the current fiscal year. There were additional allotments for the inquiry investigation, Main Street water line repair, and meter change-outs. Doug Scott motioned to amend the budget and Darrell Newton seconded.

Mayor Herring reported that the town purchased a new sewer jetter for $55,000, and that we have an offer for $1,000 for the old jetter. All council members agreed to accept the offer.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mayor Herring and seconded by Darrell Newton.

Town of Swepsonville Minutes recorded June 20, 2017 by Robert Gumm.