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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville July 18, 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring. All council members with the exception of Hugh Doss were present for the meeting. Paul Koonts, town attorney; Will Boney, accountant with Bobby Massey CPA; Drew Sharpe, Swepsonville Fire Chief; Tim Allbritton, upcoming Swepsonville Fire Chief; and Keith Hoyt, resident of the town were also present for the meeting.

The minutes for the June 20, 2017 meeting were reviewed. Gail Miller motioned to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Doug Scott. The minutes for the June 20, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved.

Swepsonville Fire Chief Drew Sharpe spoke to the council about potential issues concerning minimum street width. Specifically, the Autumn Trace subdivision was discussed. Fire Chief Sharpe stated that emergency response is impacted by the 25ft wide street width. His concern is that fire trucks and emergency response vehicles can not pass through the streets when cars are parked along the sides of the streets.

Mayor Herring noted that the streets of the subdivision are the responsibility of the developer (Ray Lopez) until the subdivision is complete and then they are turned over to the DOT.

Paul Koonts noted that there is not a liability risk to the Town of Swepsonville, that the roads have been built to DOT standards.

Gail Miller asked if there needs to be a modification made to the subdivision ordinance. Paul Koonts responded by saying that this all depends on the nature of the subdivision. He stated that the town would need to talk to the DOT and that the issue needs more study.

Doug Scott motioned to have Paul Koonts notify the Autumn Trace Home Owner's Association and the developer, Ray Lopez of the issue. Gail Miller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Mayor Herring addressed the Graham annexation agreement that expires this August. The council decided to let the agreement expire.

Mayor Herring discussed the brownfields agreement for the old Virginia Mills property. He stated that after talking with the NC Department of Environmental Quality, it was determined that no further action is needed at this time, since there are no immediate plans for the property. The NC Department of Environmental Quality will assist the town if and when the town makes plans for the property.

Mayor Herring spoke about making contact with the League of Municipalities, stating that he did not get a call back from them concerning employee benefits. Other insurance agencies were contacted for quotes on health insurance for employees.

Mayor Herring stated that we are still working on incorporating the QS1 centralized collections system to make credit card payments available.

Gail Miller stated that she would like to have a draft of the written procedure for billing and cut offs by the next meeting.

The council discussed the insurance policy for the Town and Town Council. Paul Koonts stated that the coverage is sufficient.

Mayor Herring introduced town resident Keith Hoyt. Mr. Hoyt is interested in running for a spot on the town council. At this time he is not within the town limits. It was stated that he may be able to run as a write-in if the town can get him annexed before the election.

Will Boney explained an amendment made to the budget. Doug Scott motioned to accept the amendment, seconded by Darrell Newton. The motion to accept the amendment passed unanimously.

Gail Miller stated that she would like to have a policy in place for park reservations before the next meeting.

Mayor Herring announced that the council would need to go into closed business session to discuss employee insurance. The council, upon motion duly made by Gail Miller and seconded by Doug Scott voted to enter into closed business session to discuss employee insurance.

The meeting then went back into open session and adjourned. Town of Swepsonville Minutes recorded July 18, 2017 by Amy Albright.