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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville
September 19, 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring. The Mayor introduced the Town Council to the attending residents.
All council members with the exception of Darrell Newton were present for the meeting. Paul Koonts, town attorney; and approximately 20 town residents were also present for the meeting.

The minutes for the August 15, 2017 and the Special Meeting on September 7, 2017 were reviewed. Doug Scott motioned to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Hugh Doss. The minutes for the meetings were unanimously approved.

Mayor Herring noted the passing of Danny Jeffries from Orange Alamance Water. Raymond mentioned that Mr. Jeffries taught him everything he knows about water systems.

The Mayor opened the public hearing for the annexation of Mr. Keith Hoyt’s property. Gail Miller motioned to accept the voluntary annexation of Mr. Hoyt’s property. The motion was seconded by Mayor Herring. The motion passed unanimously effective today 09/19/2017.

A public hearing on the floodplain ordinance was opened by Mayor Herring. We mentioned that accepting the ordinance would allow town residents to be eligible for FEMA funds in the event of a disaster, as well as allow them to purchase flood insurance.

There were several concerns from residents about the floodplain boundary lines, what does and does not require a permit for lots in the floodplain, as well as what being in the floodplain means.

Paul Koonts, the town attorney, mentioned that FEMA does have a process for appeals. He also reiterated that the ordinance only makes us eligible to receive federal funds in an emergency event. Mr. Koonts mentioned that Libby Hodges is the county contact for more information on the ordinance.

Mayor Herring asked for a motion to accept the floodplain ordinance; Hugh Doss motioned to accept. Gail Miller and Doug Scott opposed due to concerns from the residents, stating that more explanation on how the ordinance would impact them.

Paul Koonts stated that there is no reason we cannot pass the floodplain ordinance today. Mayor Herring motioned to approve the ordinance, asking if all were in favor. Hugh Doss and Mayor Herring voted in favor; Doug Scott and Gail Miller voted against. The motion failed.

Gail Miller made an offer for the residents to contact her with their questions and she would contact Libby Hodges for answers.

Mayor Herring stated that we have a bid on our 900 plus used water meters for $4,500. The Mayor requested a motion to sell the meters for $4,500; Hugh Doss motioned, and Doug Scott seconded the motion. All council members voted in favor.

The Burlington animal services bill for 2016-17 and 2017-18 was brought up by the Mayor, stating that the 2006 agreement has been broken. The original agreement was to pay only for animal services, not for salaries, insurance, or anything else. County taxes pay for animal services, and this bill is double taxation. Paul Koonts stated that he would be glad to review the agreement. Mayor Herring asked the council if we wanted to continue funding this program. Gail Miller motioned to review the contract and NOT pay the bill; Doug Scott seconded the motion. Gail Miller, Doug Scott, and Hugh Doss voted in favor; Mayor Herring opposed.

The newly annexed Keith Hoyt asked if the town has a weed ordinance, and the homeowners want the town to enforce it. Paul Koonts replied that we do have an ordinance, but it falls into a grey area concerning large tracts of land. The ordinance was designed for residential tracts. Gail motioned to look at the weed ordinance with Mr. Koonts to see how the grey area is affected and report back. Doug Scott seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Franz Holt, the town’s engineer, has sent us an Application for Funding from the NC Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Water Infrastructure. We applied for this grant last year, but it was not awarded. Doug Scott motioned to extend the application for another year. The motion was seconded by Hugh Doss. The motion passed unanimously.

Gail Miller mentioned reports of squatters in the Nicola house. She has been in contact with Major Brown of the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department, asking that they increase patrols in the area. Ms. Miller asked Paul Koonts what recourse the town has in this matter. Mr. Koonts replied it may be covered under a livable housing code or a nuisance code.

Keith Hoyt mentioned that people were marking a trail to the rock quarry with blue spray paint. The Mayor replied that it was done by 1 person to mark the way for an elderly person. It was also mentioned that the NO TRESPASSING signs have been cut off the posts. Mr. Hoyt recommended that the Halle Group be contacted and asked to fasten them in a more permanent manner, as well as asking about the trespassing laws. Paul Koonts replied that a person must possess written permission to be on the property if there are signs posted. If the police stop a person without written permission, a citation can be written.

Parking on the side of Quandary Lake Lane was brought up by residents; saying that it would be impossible for emergency vehicles to access this street with any cars parked on the side. The resident asked that we rewrite the specs on the road width so that there will not be future problems inhibiting traffic flow.

Mayor Herring asked to go into closed session to discuss business questions. Hugh Doss motioned to go into closed session; Doug Scott seconded the motion; the vote was unanimous.

After returning to open session, Doug Scott motioned to approve Option 4 of the employee healthcare, with the town paying 75% of the total premium effective as soon as possible (Projected start of 11/01/17). Gail Miller seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Mayor Herring asked if we has a motion to adjourn. Hugh Doss motioned to adjourn. Gail Miller seconded. The vote was unanimous.

Town minutes recorded by Robert Gumm on September 19, 2017.