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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville
November 21, 20017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

The meeting was calle to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

All council members were present for the meeting. Becky Loy, the town’s accountant with Cobb, Ezekiel, Loy & Company; and many town residents and family were also present.

Becky Loy reviewed the 2016-2017 financial audit. The finalized audit was filed on October 31, 2017 with the Secretary of State Treasurer. Ms. Loy stated that the audit was an “Unmodified Opinion”, which is the best classification that can be obtained. This means that their firm is confident in our data and believes it to be accurate.

Ms. Loy stated that the town has an increase of $575,000 over last year’s audit. Overall, the town has a net position of $7,300,000; this does include the value of the sewer lines, water lines, pump stations, etc. We have $5,000,000 in unrestricted assets; $3,000,000 in the general fund, and another $2,000,000 in the water and sewer fund. The general fund grew by $281,000 this year compared to $253,000 last year. The water and sewer fund grew by $298,000 this year. Becky also noted that our water and sewer fund not only maintains itself, but makes a profit. Most town’s water and sewer funds cannot support themselves.

Ms. Loy further reviewed the audit, commenting that on page 33 of the audit, the town budgeted for total revenue of $421,820 and the actual revenue brought in was $447,912. On page 36 of the audit, the town’s general fund budgeted $264,430 for expenses, but the actual expenses were only $155,650. The town’s water and sewer fund budgeted $ 1,111,980, but actual expenses were $1,187,828. This was largely due to the replacement of the aging water meters, purchase of a tractor, and a new sewer jetter.

Becky Loy stated that their firm looks at the town’s controls to determine if they will catch any errors. C.E.L. made suggestions to strengthen some controls.
The Mayor thanked Becky Loy for a great presentation.

The minutes for the October 17, 2017 town council meeting were reviewed. The mayor asked for a motion to accept the minutes as written. Darrell Newton motioned to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded by Hugh Doss. The minutes were unanimously approved.

The amendment to the town’s personnel policy was discussed. This amendment is for the town to pay 75% of employee’s health insurance. Darrell Newton asked if we needed to put a cap on the dollar amount. Darrell motioned to accept the amendment; Hugh Doss seconded the motion; all were in favor.

Gail Miller asked to discuss new business. She mentioned to the residents that Libby Hodges from the Alamance County Planning Dept. is looking for volunteer representative to help on a special study of the Highway 54 corridor.

Gail also inquired about the contact with Halle Group on the vegetation ordinance. The mayor commented that Paul Koonts has been in contact, and we do not have any new information on the golf course property.

The mayor concluded the business section of the town meeting.

Mayor Herring began the awards and retirement ceremony for the retiring council members Darrell Newton and Hugh Doss, as well as a birthday celebration for the town’s 20th birthday.

The mayor stated that 20 years ago the town incorporated. It has not been an easy struggle; the town started with no money at all, and now has over $5 million. Raymond named the founding fathers of Swepsonville, and thanked everyone involved for 32 years total service to the town without pay. Raymond said that Hugh Doss was like a brother to him. He said that Darrell Newton should be considered the father of Swepsonville.

The mayor introduced the newly elected council members Henry Carrouth and Wilbur Suggs.

Mayor Herring stated the many accomplishments of Darrell and Hugh, and that the town wanted to recognize them. He presented Hugh and Darrell with gift certificates to their favorite restaurants. These gift certificates are special though, they can only be used on the 3rd Tuesday of each month between 7 and 9 pm.

Raymond recognized the wives of Darrell and Hugh for their contributions. He also recognized Gary and Betty Carver for the work they have done, as well as Franz Holt, the town engineer, and Becky Loy from Cobb, Ezekiel, Loy & Co. Henderson Scott was also recognized, as well as Raymond’s grandson Joshua.

Plaques were presented to both Hugh Doss and Darrell Newton from the Town of Swepsonville.

A motion was made by the mayor to proclaim that December the 8th, 2017 be officially recognized as Darrell Newton and Hugh Doss Day. Doug Scott motioned and Gail Miller seconded the motion. All were in favor (including the audience).

Plaques of the proclamation of Darrell Newton and Hugh Doss Day were awarded to both Hugh and Darrell.

Mayor Herring presented Hugh and Darrell with The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award. This award is awarded by Governor Roy Cooper, and is the highest civilian award given by the state. The mayor mentioned that many of Darrell and Hugh’s friends wrote letters of recommendation in their behalf.

Refreshments were served.

Town minutes recorded by Robert Gumm on November 21, 2017.