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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville
December 19, 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2017 7PM | Meeting called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring

In Attendance
All Council Members were present, including newly elected council members; Henry Carrouth and Wilbur Suggs along with their families. Hugh Doss; retired council member, Steve Scott; town employee and Tim Allbritton; Swepsonville Fire Chief were also present.

Mayor Herring took a moment to remember the passing of town residents Julian Wynne and Phoebe Pass.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes for the November 21, 2017 town council meeting were reviewed. The Mayor asked for a motion to accept the minutes as written. Hugh Doss motioned to accept the minutes. Doug Scott seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Organization of New Town Council
Amy Albright administered the Oath of Office to Henry Carrouth, Mayor Raymond Herring, and Wilbur Suggs.
Henry Carrouth nominated to re-appoint Raymond Herring as Mayor. With no other nominations forthcoming, Doug Scott seconded the motion. Gail Miller opposed the nomination, with all others in favor of the nomination.

Mayor Herring asked for nominations for Mayor Pro-Tem.

Wilbur Suggs nominated to appoint Henry Carrouth as Mayor Pro-Tem. With no other nominations forthcoming, Gail Miller seconded the motion. All voted in favor of the nomination.

Mayor Herring nominated to re-appoint Doug Scott as Finance Officer, with Henry Carrouth seconding the motion. All voted in favor of the nomination.
New Business

Town attorney, Paul Koonts stated that he had been in contact with Eric Rifkin of The Halle Group (owner of the old Quarry Hills Golf course property). Mr. Rifkin wants to know what the town wants to see happen as far as mowing and maintenance of the property.
Gail Miller suggested that the Quarry Hills Home Owners Association give input. It was noted that Jeffrey Hall is the president of the home owners group and should be contacted.

Paul Koonts pointed out that low lying areas shouldn’t be cut back or mowed due to being in the flood plain. Further discussion with the home owners who have property backing up to the area is needed.

Paul Koonts stated that there is nothing new at this time on the subject of the animal control agreement with the City of Burlington. The town is not paying the bill right now, due to non-compliance of the contract.

Mayor Herring reported that Robert Gumm; Town Clerk turned in his notice two weeks ago, with today being his last day.

The Mayor stated that the position formerly held by Robert, has changed, with 80% of the job dealing with water issues and 20% Town Clerk duties. The Mayor stated that Steve Scott has been filling in and knows the job and what it entails. Steve already does water sampling, test results and state recording for the town. He also helped install the new meters and sat in on training for the meter reading software and is familiar with meter reading. The Mayor said that the position of Town Clerk could be combined with the billing assistant’s duties, stating that there is very little to do as far as Town Clerk duties. The Mayor asked for a 30 day delay, before making a decision on the positions, to see if things work out with having Amy Albright (billing assistant ) take on the Town Clerk duties along with Steve Scott filling in part time dealing with water issues.

Doug Scott expressed concern with the elimination of a position, stating that things did not work out in the recent past with just having one person. He and Gail Miller expressed concern for the separation of duties and checks and balances. It was noted that things have been running very smoothly with having two people in the full time positions. Paul Koonts clarified that there would still be the need for two positions (Amy plus one).

Paul stated that it would be important to re-write the job descriptions and suggested consulting with town accountant Becky Loy for help.
Steve Scott spoke about his training over the past weeks and gave his input on the two positions.

Henry Carrouth stated that the town is fortunate to have someone like Steve with his skillset. He also suggested that the council be a part of a collaborative effort with Steve, Raymond, and Amy in writing the new job descriptions.

The Mayor stated that work would begin after Christmas on rewriting the job descriptions.

Paul Koonts noted that the meeting of three council members or more will require a public notice and that a 48 hour notice is required for a special meeting. He also reminded the council members that all council emails are public record.

Next Meeting and Adjournment
It was noted that the next regular town meeting is scheduled for January 16, 2018.

Henry Carrouth made a motion to adjourn, with Doug Scott seconding the motion. The meeting was then adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Amy Albright December 19, 2017