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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville
January 11, 2018 Town Council Meeting Minutes

In Attendance
Mayor, Raymond Herring, Mayor Pro-Tem, Henry Carrouth, Council members: Wilbur Suggs, Gail Miller, Doug Scott. Town Water System manager, Steve Scott. Members of the Public: Tommy Marshall, Grant Crawford and Myra Scott.

Approval of Minutes
This was a called special meeting and no prior minutes were available.

Purpose of Special Meeting
The Council agreed at its December 19th meeting to hold a special meeting prior to the next scheduled meeting for the purpose of reviewing proposed changes to job descriptions as related to the vacancy created by the resignation the Town Clerk in December.

Business Item One
Prior to addressing the specified business, Councilman Doug Scott asked for details of the final payroll made to Robert Gumm, specifically in question was the two weeks separation pay denoted on his pay record. Councilman Scott was concerned that this type of payment is not addressed in the Town’s Personnel Policy. After some discussion, the Mayor agreed to provide details to the Council at the January meeting.

Business Item Two
The Mayor asked for discussion concerning the wording of the job description proposed for hiring a new person to work in the office with responsibilities mainly involving Water system billing, meter reading and related tasks. Each Council member had been given a copy of the proposed job description prior to this meeting in order to have time to make their own additions, deletions and or corrections. Councilman Suggs had prepared several proposals to line items. The proposed changes were discussed individually, and a consensus was obtained on what the final draft would be. Employee, Steve Scott agreed to make the changes as agreed, prepare a final draft, and re-distribute copies to the Council prior to the scheduled meeting on January 16th. It was agreed that the Job Description would be posted (in full) on the Town’s website, and a synopsis would be published in the newspapers with an advertisement for employment opportunity. Being no further discussion on the matter, a motion to adjourn was made by Doug Scott and seconded by Wilbur Suggs. Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM