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Meeting Minutes

Town of Swepsonville
January 16, 2018 Town Council Meeting Minutes

In Attendance
All council members were present. Paul Koonts; town Attorney, Tim Allbritton; Swepsonville Fire Chief, and several town residents were also present.

Approval of Minutes
Doug Scott made a motion to accept the minutes for the December 19, 2017 meeting and the January 11, 2018 special called meeting minutes. Wilbur Suggs seconded the motion, with the minutes being approved unanimously.

New Business
The first item on the agenda was to review the job description for the current job opening. Several changes were made to the job description. Doug Scott agreed to be the designated council member that employees will report to. Gail Miller made a motion to accept the job description, with the noted changes. Doug Scott seconded the motion. The job description was approved unanimously. It was noted that once the changes are made to the job description it will be posted on the Town’s web site and also advertised in the newspaper.

There was a discussion of realigning the job duties of Town Clerk and billing clerk. Gail Miller made a motion to appoint Amy Albright as Interim Clerk. Doug Scott seconded the motion, with the motion passing unanimously.

Mayor Herring addressed an issue of a former employee being paid separation or severance pay. The Mayor said that he was responsible and stated that he made a mistake. Doug Scott stated that the Town made an error and we will keep going.

Mayor Herring informed everyone of some new information that was brought to his attention by town resident Mike Ellis. Mr. Ellis stopped by the Town Hall to let the Mayor know about representatives from DR Horton that had been on the golf course property conducting preliminary surveying. Mr. Ellis provided pictures of the maps that DR Horton was using. The town residents expressed their concerns about the issue. The Mayor stated that the town has not talked to DR Horton or the Halle Group (owners of the property). It was stated that although the town cannot dictate the size of any future homes that may be built, the subdivision ordinance is still in place, which requires 80 foot road frontage and a DOT streets. It was discussed that perhaps a natural barrier may be put in place between the existing homes and any potential new homes.

The Mayor asked for a motion to accept the amendment to the personnel policy which included adding a new employment application and also adding that the town will pay 75% of employee health insurance. Doug Scott made a motion to accept the amendment to the personnel policy, with Mayor Herring seconding the motion. The amendment to the personnel policy was accepted unanimously.

There was a discussion concerning vacation and sick time. Paul Koonts stated that up to thirty days of vacation time can be accumulated and that the time can be taken with prior approval and scheduling. Council member Henry Carrouth suggested a review of the personnel policy. Paul Koonts said that he would work on researching policies that have been updated recently. He will start with vacation time, sick time, and retirement.

Council members Wilbur Suggs and Henry Carrouth agreed to represent the town at the upcoming Alamance Chamber’s Economic Development Committee meetings.

Council member Gail Miller agreed to work with Libby Hodges from Alamance County on the Highway 54 corridor project.

Mayor Herring reported that at 3PM on Saturday January 13, 2017 the Laurelton pump station went down. The Mayor reported that the situation was resolved in a timely manner. It was also noted that this was the third time, recently that the pump station had went down.

Adjournment and Next Meeting
With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was called for by Mayor Herring at 8:40PM. Henry Carrouth made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Wilbur Suggs. The meeting was then unanimously adjourned. The next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 20, 2018.

Minutes recorded by Amy Albright January 16, 2018