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Meeting - March 17, 2015

Minutes for the Town of Swepsonville: Town Council Meeting March 17, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Raymond Herring.

The Town Council remembered the passing of Harry Brady of East Main Street. He was a long time resident of the Town of Swepsonville. All Council Members were present for the Town Meeting with the exception of Gail Miller.

The minutes for the meeting January 20th 2015 were reviewed. Darrell Newton made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Hugh Doss seconded the motion. The minutes for the meeting January 20th 2014 were unanimously approved.

Bobby Massey, the Towns' CPA was on the agenda for tonight meeting; he called to reschedule to the April Town Meeting.

Chris Foust, the developer of the Laurelton Village Subdivision, came to the meeting to thank the Town Council for the great work relations with the Town of Swepsonville.

The Town Council was addressed last meeting by Bill West, the owner of 54 West located on Hwy 54, wanting the Town of Swepsonville to annex the property into the Towns' city limits. Mr. West wants in the city limits so his business would have liquor by the drink. Doug Sharpe, the property owner, was present for tonight meeting. Mr. Sharpe presented a letter to the Town council wanting the property annexed into the Towns' city limits. Mr. Sharpe's attorney, Lawson Brown, attended the meeting representing Mr. Sharpe and Bill West, Mr. Sharpe's renter. Swepsonville's Town attorney, Paul Koonts, told Town Council if we annex the property (we) the town has to provide water and sewer services to the property. For the Town to run water and sewer lines to the property would cost the town a lot of money. Annexing the property doesn't benefit the town, no revenues. Paul Koonts asked is the town interested in annexation of the property? All Council Members wasn't interested in annexation of the property on Hwy 54.

Mayor Herring addressed the Town Council on property located behind 1227 East Main Street that the Town of Swepsonville owns. The land is land locked for the Town. Two property owners Mr. Fuentis at 1227 East Main Street and David Squires that owes the property at 1245 East Main Street. Mr. Squires also owns some land that adjoins with this property. Mayor Herring told the Town Council that Mr. Fuentis has been taken care of the property. The discussion was tabled until April Town Council Meeting.

Mayor Herring shared with the Town Council a map of the park that the City of Graham is wanting to build. Mayor Herring had a meeting with Melody Wiggins and Brian Faucette, they are from Graham Recreation Department, and Gail Miller at the Swepsonville Town Hall on March 11, 2015.

Melody Wiggins explained what donations are needed for the park to be built. Mayor Herring explained to the Town Council that they want Swepsonville to provide an initial start up donation and then support a yearly maintenance fee based on Swepsonville population. The Town Council tabled the discussion until the April Town Council Meeting.

There was no public time comments.

Hugh Doss made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Doug Scott seconded the motion. The meeting was unanimously adjourned.